Junior Programs

Christmas Break Junior Tennis Camp

           Tuesday December 26 thru Friday December 29                                       

Beginner Level/ (Green Dot/French Open)   Ages-8 and up

                   Time: 12:00 noon- 2:00pm  (2 hours)

                   Cost: 4 day camp $85.00    Daily rate $24.00


         Intermediate Level/ Advanced (Wimbledon/US Open) Ages 13-up

                                    Time: 2:30pm-4:30pm (2 hours)

                                    Cost: 4 day camp $85.00   Daily rate $24.00

For assistance in placing your child in our camp program, just give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.


2018 SITC Junior Clinics

Winter Session 1            Australian, French and Wimbledon Programs

January 2nd thru February 17th. Registration begins December 15th.

This session will be a seven week commitment for most classes.


Australian Open Level (1) –  Ages 5-8. This program focuses on developing fundamental motor skills needed to play tennis. The element of play is important for this age group. At the SITC, we use games and drills advocated by the USTA to teach children basic hand eye coordination skills, ball tracking skills, and basic swing mechanics. By using age appropriate equipment, lighter and lower compression balls (foam ball, red ball), our students will experience success much more quickly than they would otherwise. This program primarily utilizes the 36 foot court size. It may not always look like tennis but it is.  1.0 hour sessions.

                                                                  Member                        Non-Member

Tuesday      4:00pm-5:00pm         $115.50                              $150.50

This group is a 7 week session (no weeks off)

Thursday     4:00pm-5:00pm        $115.50                             $150.50

This group is a 7 week session (no weeks off)

Saturday      10:00am-11:00am       $115.50                            $150.50

This group is a 7 week session (no weeks off)


Australian Open Level (2)-  Ages 8-10. This program focuses on continued development of the basic tennis strokes and proper footwork.  These classes will introduce players to strokes such as serve, volley, overheads in addition to forehand and backhand.  This age group will transition to the 60 foot court size and move from red ball to orange ball. This program will focus less on games and more on tennis specific drills. Players will be introduced to tennis scoring and will focus on rallying against other players. 1.0 hour sessions.

                                                                  Member                       Non-Member

Tuesday        5:00pm-6:00pm          $115.50                            $150.50

This group is a 7 week session (no weeks off)

Thursday     5:00pm-6:00pm         $115.50                             $150.50

This group is a 7 week session (no weeks off)

Saturday      11:00am-12:00pm       $115.50                            $150.50

This group is a 7 week session (no weeks off)


French Open- Ages 10 and over (Beginner). This level is for the players who have demonstrated the ability to rally consistently over the net and have distance and speed control. This program is conducted on a full size court using regular yellow balls.  These players are able to play matches on their own and emphasis is placed on continued development of proper stroke mechanics.  Game strategy, improved stroke production, and making sure players are versed in all the different strokes to be successful on the court are covered in this program.  1.5 hour sessions

  Participants must be a member.                                      Member                         

Monday            4:30pm-6:00pm                                          $111.00

This group is a 6 week session (no class Jan. 1st)

Wednesday     4:30pm-6:00pm                                         $129.50

This group is a 7 week session (no weeks off)


WimbledonMiddle & High School (Intermediate). This program is for experienced players who have the ability to compete in match play and have some command of ball placement and advanced footwork.  These players typically have team play experience. Emphasis is placed on continued improvement of mechanics, use of spin and strategy through point play.

 Participants must be a member.                                      Member                        

Monday          6:00pm-7:30pm                                             $111.00

This group is a 6 week session (no class Jan. 1st )

Wednesday    6:00pm-7:30pm                                            $129.50

This group is a 7 week session (no weeks off)

US Open Junior Division-  January 2nd thru March 15- There is only one winter/spring session for this group.

US OpenHigh School- (Advanced). This level is for elite middle school and accomplished high school player who have played in top spots on their school team.  These players demonstrate command of placement, spin, depth and strategic knowledge.  These players will train at a high level and will be pushed to excel by our professional training staff.  This program is for players committed to working hard on court and many will have aspirations to play college tennis.

Participants must be a member.     Members                        

Tuesday 6:00pm-7:30pm                   $199.00

This class is 11 weeks.

Thursday 6:00pm-7:30pm                  $199.00

This class is 11 weeks.


Player Evaluation_If needed, we would like an opportunity to hit with your child to evaluate their level of play so we can place them in the program that best suits their needs.  You can call to schedule a time to come in for a free evaluation.  This only take 5 minutes.  Our head teaching pros will determine which level program is best suited for players.

Junior classes are limited to 6-7 players per court so space is limited.  Call today to reserve your child’s place in our program.

See Chart below for Times for each Level -STARTING TIMES- Subject to change

 2018 Winter Session- Junior Clinic Start Times
Junior Program Level
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
 Australian (1)       4:00       4:00      10:00
Australian (2)       5:00       5:00       11:00
French 4:30  4:30
Wimbledon       6:00            6:00
US Open 6:00 6:00



SITC 2018  Summer Tennis Camps

Our Summer Tennis Camps are great fun for the kids and an awesome way to introduce them to the great game of tennis.  Our Summer Tennis Camps are open to the public and offer an opportunity for participants to learn the correct way to play the game.

Each summer we offer 6 one week camps that run Monday thru Thursday.  Cost is $99.00 and includes a camp tee shirt for each participant.  Daily/Drop-In rate is $28.00 subject to space availability.

Emphasis is placed on fun with the younger players but they will receive stroke instruction. We are a teaching facility and we focus on stroke mechanics, drilling, and live ball play instruction. Our instructors are former pros and/or experienced certified teaching professionals.  We will also have support staff on court as well to assure optimal player/instructor ratios.

Players will be placed on court with the nearest level of skill. We reserve the right to reassign players to another group or time slot based on skill level. Each time slot has a limited number of players that we can accommodate. Pre-registered players will have priority placement.

Australian 1 & 2    8:45-10:30am                          Ages 6 and up-just being introduced to the game.

French Open         10:30am-12:30pm                   Ages 10 and up with ability to rally full court.

Wimbledon            1:00pm-3:00pm                      Players w/experience & able rally w/speed  & control.

Free evaluations are available to determine which level is best suited to your child’s ability.


Junior Pass/Unlimited Court Time  

$59/month per child   This is a month to month commitment. Cancellation of Junior Pass must be received before the first of the month or next months billing will be processed.  Must have payment method on file to participate.

-Members Only/ 18 years and under

-Court time up to 60 minutes per day maximum-You may continue to play if no other reservations are pending.

-Junior Pass holders must yield their court if paying patron request court time and no other courts are available.

-Non pass holders on court must pay their regular court fee split.