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SITC is a proud distributor of  Tecnifibre tennis equipment including rackets and string.  Tecnifibre offers the quality of the finest rackets in the world at value prices.

Come check out our selection and demo a racket today at no charge.

We will soon be carrying Babalot Tennis Rackets.  Stay tuned!

Pro Shop Services

Racquet Restringing    $22.00  plus string           String ranges from $8-$20   We are a Gamma and Tecnifibre string retailer.

You may bring your favorite string if you like.

How do I know if my racquet needs to be restrung?

All racquet strings will lose tension over time.  Loss of tension can lead to hitting errors that may normally not occur or a loss of  control.  If it has been a year or longer since you had your racquet restrung, your game could probably benefit by restringing your racquet.

As a rule of thumb, if you play one day a week, you should restring once a year, twice a week players should restring every 6 months and so on.  Leaving your racquet in your car also can very quickly lead to loss of tension with the changing temperatures that the racquet will experience.  Most players will notice greater control of their shots after restringing their racquets.

We keep details of when you last strung your racquet at SITC including the type of string used and tension.  We can also help you choose the best string option for your style of play.

Tennis Racquets

We currently have a variety of Tecnifibre and Babalot rackets along with other assorted Gamma, Wilson, Dunlop rackets.

Our racquet selection typically retail for up to $175.00 and up MSRP.  Our racquets are about 1/2 price in many cases.  Many include free racquet stringing and/or a durable leather cover bag!  We have numerous models to choose from to match your style of play.  If you are looking for a great value in a tennis racquet, come check these out.  You can even demo it here at the club if you wish.

We routinely get asked about tennis racquet sales so we have made an effort to keep a selection on hand here at the club.  Our goal is to offer high quality racquets at very low prices.  Typically we seek close out deals so we can pass the savings on to our customers.   Come check out our selection before you make your next racquet purchase.

We also carry Gamma 19,21, and 23 inch racquets for the little ones who are just starting their tennis careers.  Let us help you find the correct racquet for your needs.

We also can replace your grip over wrap as well.  These should be changed frequently.  Only $3.00