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Racquet Restringing    $22.00  plus string   String ranges from $8-$20

You may bring us your favorite string if you like.

How do I know if my racquet needs to be restrung?

All racquet strings will lose tension over time.  Loss of tension can lead to hitting shots out that would normally fall into the court or a loss of  control.  If it has been a year or longer since you had your racquet restrung, your game could probably benefit by restringing your racquet.  As a rule of thumb, if you play one day a week, you should restring once a year, twice a week players should restring every 6 months and so on.  Leaving your racquet in your car also can very quickly lead to loss of tension with the changing temperatures that the racquet will experience.  Most players will notice greater control of their shots after restringing their racquets.

We keep details of when you last strung your racquet at SITC including the type of string used and tension.  We can also help you choose the best string option for your style of play.



Nutrition Products-Isagenix

As we all know, nutrition is key component to health, maintaining a healthy weight and to providing the fuel for physical training.  We offer a variety of products that can make a big difference in how you feel, your energy levels and even how you look in the mirror.

Many of our members have been motivated to play tennis in order to get back in shape and provide a vehicle to lose weight and improve their overall fitness level.  We can provide you with a plan to help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals.  Just ask about our line of products and see if we can provide you with the tools to a better functioning, better feeling and better looking body.

Isagenix Nutritional products are proven effective in helping you lose unwanted pounds.

Isgenix Meal Replacement Shakes are both delicious and effective in meeting your nutritional needs.  Call Bob for more information about this exclusive line of products.  812-288-8424.