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December Tournament Dates

UTR Tournament Events

It is free to set up a UTR player profile at

All aspiring tennis players should set up this free profile.  Qualifying match play results will then be reported to UTR as to establish a player rating.  This is the future of tennis and helps create level based play.  Adult and juniors, males and females can compete together allowing for greater participation and in most cases, more competitive match play.

We recommend that all school level players and recreational players interested in match play create a profile.

Orangeball Tournament

Friday December 6,2019  6:00pm-10:00pm   60 foot tennis court with Orangeball.

This event is for players 10 and under only.  Great chance for young players to gain some valuable tournament experience.

Call SITC to register    Tournament fee is $28.00   Players will get 3 matches if draw is full (8 players).


Beginner  Level Singles 1.00-2.99 UTR                     $36.00 event fee           One Day Event

Friday November 8th    6:00pm-10:00pm           Compass Draw so players should get 3 matches if draw is full

8 player draw –   link to register for this event is below:         8 game Pro Set match format- 10 pt tie break at 8-8.



Call SITC at 812-288-8424 with questions about these events.